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Games Of Survival YIFY

The Zero Boys is definitely a strange one. While it looks like a Rambo rip off or some sort of survivalist action movie, it really has a structure and cast more in line with the slasher movies of that same area.A bunch of paintball loving guys and their girlfriends head up to a secluded cabin in the woods (which they don't own). Soon, someone is killing them one by one due to their tresspassing.There are shades of the torture film when they discover that these killers have been recording their victims' final moments on video and playing them to taunt their current victims. Also, scream queen Kelli Maroney (Chopping Mall, Night of the Comet) is always a welcome addition to any film's cast and the film clips along at a great, exciting pace. It's a shame this one is lesser known that some of its contemporaries.

Games of Survival YIFY

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I think the introduction was the best part of the movie. Yes, that part where you have to be spoon fed an explanation about you are seeing (because the director thinks it's a novel idea!) Plainly, no one actually needs this explanation. I think it makes good decoration. One thing surprised me. The visuals of the "natives" and their relationship to the piñata were interesting to watch, "most" of the time. The quality of the whole thing had that professionally rehearsed quality that you beg for in a cartoon.If it weren't for that introduction, I may have not stayed over the 15 minute mark to see what this movie was all about.The transition from the actually better-than-it-deserved intro-music to the MINDLESS GRUNGE sound of those inane rock guitars was my first indication that I was about to turn this movie off in a few minutes.Then, the water gun games between the rafts. Wow, that was so compelling. The minutes were ticking. My palms were getting wet and sticky. But I forged on!Then came the earth-shattering character development scene about a Port-O-Potty! I was breathless with anticipation. What could they think of next? Then, believe it or not! That grungy music again! Oh, I was captivated!After this, I had to make a life-changing decision. Would I stay or go?OK...I stayed. Then, more character development about young people smoking pot. Folks, this was deep! You gotta believe me, here!Then, of course comes the discovery of the awe-inspiring Piñata from hell! What does our hero do? He hits it with a stick, of course! What else would any self-respecting dude-about-town do in a situation like this?And then.......YOU GUESSED IT! YES!IT came to LIFE!And then why NOT spoil it? The rest of the plot resembles the Friday the 13th genre, of course. Pick them off, one by one...oh the TENSION, the DRAMA...the utter "grippingness" of it all!The unanswered questions, the doubts, the comic relief...oh, the sheer artistry...The UTTER, UTTER, uselessness of it all!(CLICK)

Now I won't go as far as saying that it is the ultimate in survival-action (I think DELIVERANCE still ranks at number 1), but damn this movie rocks! I personally think it kicks more ass than RAMBO: FIRST BLOOD. As a matter of fact, wouldn't it be fun to have John Rambo an Jack Mason test their survival skills and see who wins? I haven't seen HARD TARGET yet (I'm not much of a Van Damme fan even though I'm from Belgium), but it can't get much better than this, no? I'll spare you the plot, everybody seems to know it anyway.I remember when going into this movie the first fifteen minutes (regardless the intercut scenes of a man being killed in the woods) I was thinking: "What's this? Another lame getho-drama with Ice-T playing a homeless bum? You gotta be kiddin' me!" Then Rutger Hauer comes in, playing it cool, doing the proposal. Interesting. Five minutes later the seven man are in the cabin in the woods eating porc. Amusing. Another five minutes later the hunt begins, ergo, the fun and violence start! Dear people, when you watch this (type of) movie, please forget about minor unrealistic details like "Why does a city-boy like Jack Mason take the job as a hunting-guide in the first place?" (Heck, I'll even give you an answer: The man's got nothing to lose!) or "This type of shotgun is not able to cut down a tree that size" (I even asked myself that question for a second. Maybe it's got altered bullets. Who knows what these crazy man-hunting psycho's cooked up for the hunt?). Anyway, my point is: you don't ask yourself these kind of questions for this type of movie.The fast-paced action and the violent killings are all above average and the hunt itself is competently shot, but what makes this movie even more pleasant to watch, are the actors and their fine performances. Ice-t is fun to watch, delivering his lines in that well-known nigga-slang of his. And the torment the poor man goes through makes you really want him to win the game. Then there's Rutger Hauer. I tell you: He's the man! He injects his role with such a cold-hearted sadistic pleasure which I haven't seen him do since THE HITCHER. Excellent! (On a personal note: If they can make Arnold Schwarzenegger a governor, then Rutger Hauer should be made president. The man played a philosophizing replica in BLADE RUNNER and a peace-bringing cyborg in OMEGA DOOM, for Christ's sake, so eat it, Arnie). And what about Gary Busey playing the tough talking' Doc. When he told the story about the dog when he was a boy, I mean, you just got to love 'em: 100% Gary Busey doing his thing. All the other actors did a good job too (I sure had some fun watching John C. McGinley as the asthma-puffin' over-determined hunting rich-boy on the verge of a nervous breakdown).By giving the hunters background stories and meaningful lines to say, the scriptwriters made the characters interesting and real. Something you don't expect from an action-flick.My favorite death-scene: Charles S. Dutton gets blown to pieces. Hauer kneels down by his dying remains and puts his hands on Charles' head, saying something along the lines of "It's time to go to sleep now...". Harsh, man, harsh!To wrap it all up, we have a good musical score by Stewart Copeland and a solid & clever ending. So, if you're a fan of any of the actors mentioned above, this film is a must see! If you're not a fan of the actors mentioned above, then why did you read this in the first place?

Blood Games is strange in that it's hard to figure out director Tanya Rosenberg's intent. On one hand, it's one of the most misandrist movies I have ever seen, all but one of the male characters being vile, sexist, violent redneck pigs with absolutely no redeeming qualities and double-figure IQs, while all of the women are hot, resourceful and able to best a man at almost anything, whether it be a baseball match or unarmed combat. On the other hand, the film is pure exploitation, Rosenberg missing no opportunity to show the ladies' ass cheeks hanging out of their hot pants or exposing their ample breasts, with gratuitous up-skirt shots and a communal shower scene befitting your average women-in-prison movie. What exactly are we dealing with here? Feminist survival horror or sleazy skin-flick? Thankfully, whatever it's supposed to be, you're bound to be entertained if straight-to-video trash is your thing.The film kicks off with a prolonged baseball game between all-women team Babe and the Ballgirls, dressed in cropped tees and very short shorts, and a bunch of drooling backwoods scuzz-balls. The ladies take the game comfortably, their coach, Midnight (Ross Hagen), winning $1000 in a bet with losing coach Mino Collins (Ken Carpenter). Collins refuses to settle the debt, however, so Midnight decides to take matters into his own hands. Meanwhile, two of the Ballgirls go looking for Midnight, and are sexually assaulted by Collins' son Roy (Gregory Scott Cummins) and fellow redneck Holt (Don Dowe). Things escalate quickly, leaving Midnight bleeding all over the team's RV and the girls running for their lives from the armed hillbillies.What follows is pure B-movie nonsense, the women abandoning their vehicle to head out on foot through the woods, closely followed by Collins and his gun-toting goons. Pursued by a bunch of men who would struggle to count to ten, the women are able to lay traps and lure several of the rednecks to their deaths, but ultimately only a handful of them survive to face the crossbow-toting Collins in a dilapidated ghost town for the predictable finalé. Rosenberg's strong, powerful women display their tits and ass at every turn, with brutal rape scenes and violent deaths at regular intervals. Check your brain at the door, and get a few brewskis in, and there's a good chance that you'll find this dumb movie quite a bit of fun.

"Blood Games" is one funny movie. I can't quite figure it out yet, but on surface inspection it appears to be a sexist parody of "In A League Of Their Own" crossed with some passable Humans Hunting Humans carnage, a bit of "Repo Man" social satire, along with a Hicksploitation sleaze "Deliverance" ripoff angle thrown in for good measure. The producers went out of their way to make sure there was something in this movie to potentially offend anyone, and I for one appreciate their diligence in the matter.Now bear in mind this is one of those movies that is only offensive if you're stupid enough to actually think about it in realistic terms. It's a cartoon for grownups, with a busload of blisteringly hot 20 year old women running afoul of a community of foul-mouthed, smelly redneck crackers. Their conflict is grounded in a baseball game since the gimmick of the film is that these Penthouse models are baseball players recruited based on looks who apparently travel from town to town playing pickup games. It is unclear if they are actually paid to play baseball, though their dubious manager has a gambling debt he needs to pay off, and wagers against the redneck team with the resident psychotic Vietnam veteran patriarch businessman who organizes the hicks. Through events left best discovered on your own, his dirtbag son knifes the manager, shoots the driver of the bus & gets killed for his efforts, the hillbillies organize into a drunken beer swilling posse, and chase the girls through the woods trying to kill them. Add ample gratuitous nudity, pepper with some gory death scenes, and presto: A fabulous movie to drink beer with in the company of your friends. It is, on the surface, a sleazy despicable little movie that no less than Joe Bob Briggs recommends heartily. But hang on a minute, there's something strange about this movie. First off it was directed by a woman -- one Tanya Rosenberg, in her sole IMDb credit -- which is eye opening considering the exploitation element at work. These baseball girls aren't just hot, they are bedecked in an array of costumes that the ladies at Hooter's would refuse. The camera also lingers on them, ALL of them, especially in the obligatory group shower scene (where? at the redneck clubhouse?) which plays out more like something from a Women In Prison movie minus the catfight. There is also a self awareness to the presentation that suggests the girls knew they were being exploited and not just didn't mind but threw themselves into their work with pride like there was a message here. I was especially pleased by the nude sunbathing scene by the stream.The rednecks also behave oddly to say the least. Sure, baseball is a competitive sport, but wouldn't you think that someone in their midst would have had a problem with them slapping around a busload of aggressively attractive twenty year old women? Wouldn't they want to get to know these chicks on better terms, maybe have them over for a kegger later? They aren't just the only decent women in the movie, they are the ONLY women in the movie. And the rednecks aren't just your typical movie rednecks, they are all hyper-rednecks with nary a decent soul who doesn't drink beer while driving their rifle rack equipped monster pickup trucks amongst them. Even stranger still, the movie was shot in California ... California has dysfunctional cracker trash communities? The only conclusion to make is that the movie is a parody of some sorts, or a cartoon-like graphic novel brought to life, with behavior and mannerisms so over the top that they can't possibly be confused with the way real people would act, look, dress, etc. Think "Repo Man" with "Dukes Of Hazzard" production design. It's a bizarre, twisted little entertainment for grown-ups, and surprisingly well made with some interesting use of slow motion camera-work, a respectable budget, laughs galore, and never a dull moment. Sadly the film was a direct to video release by a small now defunct company whose work has yet to be resurrected for the DVD era. But it's worth tracking down if you're into junk like this, which is exactly what keeping a functioning VCR around the house is for.6/10 041b061a72


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