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Stretch Film Manufacturing LINK

Cast FilmThis film is created by molten resin is sent through a large extruder which forces a thin layer of film over a large drum that is cooled. The resulting cooled layer of plastic is then cut and rolled into rolls of stretch film. Today most stretch films are actually multiple layers (co-extrusions) of film each with a specific purpose or feature associated.

Stretch Film Manufacturing

Like any formulation whether it be for pie crust or stretch film, certain ingredients are added to the formula for certain reasons. In the case of stretch film, certain resins and/or additives are added to provide the puncture resistance, strength, sticky cling, and resistance to ultra violet rays, or to give it anti static properties.

The science of stretch film is ever changing as technology allows us to test the boundaries. It is critical to ensure that you are buying the right stretch film for your specific application. Understand what is needed to getting the specific features you need out of your stretch film is important, and creating up your own specification requirements is a good way to start.

Metallocene resin is currently the rage in improving the performance of stretch film. Multi layered films are combining lower grade layers for cost with higher grade Metallocene layers to create competitively priced stretch film with higher performance

There are also 2 basic methods of applying stretch film to the load. Hand stretch film rolls are lighter and shorter than machine rolls allowing ease of use for the user. Machine films are the preferred method in high volume accounts where speed and consistency of wrapping are needed.

Hand Wrap Stretch FilmHand wrap stretch film requires an operator to attach the film to the load and then proceed to unwind the stretch film as he circles the load. The operator also must apply the required tension to the film to ensure enough wrapping force is applied to contain and unitize the load. As the stretch film rolls must be manipulated by the operator, the size and weight must be limited for ease of use. Thus hand wrap is typically shorter in width and length to limit the weight. This method is typically used in only low volume applications.

Machine Wrap Stretch FilmMachine wrap stretch film used in conjunction with a stretch wrapping machine that applies the stretch film to the load using parameters set by the operator. Wrap parameters are set on the stretch wrapper to vary the amount and location of the stretch film to provide maximum load retention. These parameters ensure the load is wrapped exactly the same way each time.

Here are a few things to consider when determining the stretch film requirement of a particular application. Narrowing these variables down allows you to properly select the type, size and gauge of stretch film that will best suit the load to be wrapped.

You simply cannot ignore stretch wrap machine performance when selecting a film. The marriage between the stretch film and the stretch wrap machine is what decides the overall performance of the stretch film. There is simply no value in purchasing a high performance stretch film because of its properties if your stretch wrap machine can not stretch the film to the point where it extracts those properties.

Either you must ensure the stretch wrap machine is working at optimal performance to take advantage of the high end stretch film (highly suggested) or you should match the stretch film to the existing performance of the stretch wrap machine.

Is the wrapping to be done in a cold storage freezer or near a dock door in the winter? The temperature of the film when wrapping can have a tremendous effect on the performance of the film. It is possible that you can use a lower grade of film in the summer months and be required to use a better grade in the winter if the ambient temperature drops too much.

Stretch film is the most common packaging material on earth. Used by millions of businesses the world over, it is used to palletize products for shipping everywhere. Whether you use manual labor or a fully automatic stretch wrapper, chances are, you go through a lot of stretch wrap yourself.

Having done your due diligence, you have found your way here to the Industrial Packaging blog. Luckily for you, this may be the last post you will need to read today in order to pick the best stretch film for your needs.

We have been selling and running stretch film and the related machinery for decades. Industrial Packaging is a packaging distributor offering the very best materials and equipment for stretch wrapping. We have many years of expertise working with companies to find the best packaging materials for their operation and optimizing packaging lines.

IPG (Intertape Polymer Group) produces blown stretch film and cast stretch film in their modern stretch production facilities. This assures that they will have the right type of product to offer their customers, regardless of the application.

Intertape manufactures machine applied and hand applied lengths (in both cast and blown stretch wrap versions). Their stretch film manufacturing facilities are ISO certified and utilize techniques such as Six Sigma and Lean Manufacturing to ensure that they produce the highest quality products consistently and cost-effectively.

Berry manufactures a full line of hand stretch wrap products that are designed to meet all applications. Below, you will find a list of each type of film that this manufacturer offers and a description of each product.

Paragon is the premier manufacturer of stretch film and has a diverse offering of cast hand film. Paragon hand films adhere to our high standard for quality and possess crystal clear optics and superior characteristics.

We hope that you have found this information both informative and useful. If you would like any additional information about any of these brands or formulations of stretch film, connect with one of our Packaging Solutions Specialists.

ISO 9001:2000 certified mfr & distributor of standard & custom stretch wrap film. Pre-stretched hand grade wrap, hand grade stretch wrap, machine grade stretch wrap, specialty wrap & ventilated stretch wrap are available. Stretch film is available in cast, blown & micron types. Specialty stretch films such as UVI protection films, wide web stretch films, bundling films, roll wrap, narrow banding wrap & silage films are available.

Supplier of stretch wraps including shrink film. Types include polyethylene and marine or industrial UVI shrink film. Available in 12 ft. x 250 ft. to 32 ft. x 70 ft. sizes with 5 mil. and 7 mil. thickness. Stock items available. Same day shipping.

Distributor of linear low density polyethylene (LLDPE) colored stretch film. Machine, high performance cast and blown, hand, banding, one-sided cling, anti-static, printed, VCI, stretch hood and vented films are also available. Converting services such as cutting, slitting, printing, adhesive laminating, spooling, consulting and prototyping are also provided. Inventory managed programs (VMI) available. Blanket orders accepted. JIT delivery.

Distributor of stretch film for packaging applications. Hand, banding, colored, vented, custom printed and tamper-evident stretch film is available. Secondary services include inventory or account management, cost reduction, supply chain and design.

Distributor and custom manufacturer of hand and machine wrap stretch film. Types include blown, cast, colored, or banding hand and machine wrap stretch film. Blown hand stretch film is available in 1,000 to 1,500 ft. length, 12 to 18 in. width, and 57 to 120 ga. thickness. Colored machine film is suitable for inventory control and carrier identification.

Woman-owned distributor of stretch film. Stretch secures load on a skid and can be hand or machine, cast or blown, 3" to 30" widths, 30-120 gauge, pre-stretch, 1-sided & 2-sided cling, tinted films, pre-printed film rolls, hand rolls with extended core handles, anti-static films, also full line of stretch equipment & dispensers.

Distributor of stretch film. Types include machine, hand grade, extended core and bundling stretch film. Available in various sizes. Hand film provides maximum load retention, reduces neck-down and used for identification and electronic scanning in the distribution process. Features include puncture resistance, built-in disposable handles to prevent friction on hands and plastic dispensers. Offers custom packaging services.

Distributor of hand or machine grade, cast, blown and pre-stretched films. Available in width sizes ranging from 16 to 30 in. and in lengths up to 7000 ft. Wraps are tear and puncture-resistant. Suitable for dirt or dust protection, trucking and pallet stabilization applications.

Custom manufacturer of vented, tinted and machine stretch wrap elastic film for bundling, palletizing and product protection in storage and shipment. Made from polyolefin, polyethylene, polyvinylchloride, polyester and polypropylene. Capabilities include bag filling, labeling and contract packaging. Secondary services such as supply chain management, repair, rebuild and preventative maintenance provided. Prototype and low to high volume production runs available. Suitable for medical, construction and agriculture applications.

Distributor of blown, banding, cast and machine stretch films. Offered with puncture and tear resistance features. Suitable for wrapping irregular loads. Pallet lock prestretch hand and metallocene multi-layered structure films are also provided.

Distributor of stretch film including machine stretch wrap, hand stretch wrap and narrow width band film. Machine stretch wrap film is co-extruded cast stretch film and available in widths from 20 in. to 60 in. and roll lengths from 4500 ft. to 8000 ft. Stretch films are used for wrapping, shipping and packaging applications. Hand stretch wrap film is available in clear and anti-static types and roll sizes from 15 in. x 1500 ft. to 20 in. x 1000 ft. Services include vendor inventory management, custom box printing and package design services. 041b061a72


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