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Sphere In The Heart Of Silence Rarl

We all knew the poem almost by heart. It became clearer in the pubs at night after hoisting back a few. It was written by a Celestial Navigator that knew what living terror inside the ball existed. He had seen what the exploding shells of fighter cannons could do to the body encased in the revolving sphere of plexiglas. Only too well did he know the horror of removing body parts with a steam hose.

Sphere In The Heart Of Silence Rarl


There was another place more isolated and desperately alone. The ball was the last place any of us ever wanted to be. You're in a freaking world of your own. And who would want to be in a world all to yourself when the Krauts came knocking, on the door? You would not hear the noise or vibration of engines, gunfire or the intercom. There were only two sounds that could be heard inside; the beat of a heart and the approaching purr of German flying machines. All the omnipotent exuberance of being young and invincible vanished inside the ball. No one was ever in it during takeoff or landing. That would be too dangerous. Whomever was to go in there had to wait until the chances for German fighters appearing got more favorable. It would be hand cranked around until the two machine guns pointed at a 90 degree angle away from the belly. The victim would squeeze into a sphere about three feet in diameter and assume a fetal position. The crew above would screw the top back on and then he would be gone, to the rest of us, until we unsealed him before landing. Once secured he would rotate it to face the approach of the enemy. Danforth would do the rotating. It was an awful place.

f" """ r ""5," y7-nff''f - i - -. . --- tr. ' " ' - ' ' "in1 -rv-sdtas1ftaudblieatt.JMottalN5 VOL. XVII.WASHINGTON. D. 0., SATURDAY MORNING, FEBRUARY 10, 1877.NO. Si.SMHSVtTILDEN SQ0ELC1IED.the man TiummAL renders its0OLEMM VERDICT FOR HATES.Ylorlda, the Stronghold of the Democracy,Yields to the Tonoh of Juetlce and RightI The-Latt nn of th Dying Copperheadscenteittraveeii on cronm Animated u.bate of the Arbitrator! In Secret Beeelon.Tnx Electoral Commliitoa'met at 10 o'clockyesterday, and at once resolved to close thedoors for consultation. Except at a matterof form the motion was unnecessary, aa thedoors had not been opened, and there wu noone present bnt the member! and officers ofthe commission. It It well understood thatthe debate wu very exciting durte; the firstpsrf f the sitting. At a quarter of two a receeawaa taken for half an hoar, and aithemembers came out they refused to give anyInformation beyond the statement that noconclusion bad been reached. Shortly afterthe sitting was resumed It began to be rumored that a conclusion haa been reached, anathat It wasrATOnADLB TO TITC RATES ELECTORS.As time passed and no decision was announced,xA there were no etcus of an adjournmentthe correctness of the report began to be questioned, but rumor explatoed that there wassome discussion aa to the wording of the dcelston, but that there would be an announceipent of the result soon A crowd, mostlymembers of the press, waited and watchedeagerly for the final announcement, but at sixo'clock another recess of an hour was announced. During; reoces It was pretty wellascertained that In the main rumor had beenright. The Commission did not again assemble tni nearly half. put eercn, Mr. Iluntoa being the last to return. At eight o'clock theCommission, after baring4, I RIMOVZD THE INJUNCTION OP SECRECr,so far as related to the result, adjourned tomeet at 3 o'clock to-morrow fixing that hourso as to be In readlneos should the joint conlent Ion of the two Houses hare by that timereferred any fresh parers to them to takethem up, and arrange forproceedtngatberton.- It then appeared that the session, up to 3r o'clock, had been spent In debate, at whichtime Mr. Edmonds submitted a proposition,in subitanoe declaring the four Hayes elestorsduly elected, and their votes the proper ones,under the Constitution, to be counted, andgiving In detail the reasons on which this cooelusion was reached. Some objection wasmade to the form of the resolution, and conaider able debate ensued, which was finallycut off by aRESOLUTION TO CLOPE DED1TIat 0 o'clock.Mr. 11UNT0N offered a substitute declaring,ihe Tllden electors the legally and constitutionally appointed electors of the State,but this was voted down by the followingvote: Teas, Messrs. Abbott, Bayard, Clifford,Held, Hud ton, Payne and Thurman, 7. NaTs,Messrs. Bradley, Edmunds, Frcllnghuyeen,Garfield, Hoar, Miller, Morton and Strong, 3.The objection to Mr. Edmunds' motion being,mainly that It embodied the reasons, which Itwas thought should only be given In the written decision sent to the presiding officer of theJoint Convention. Mr. Oabfield suggested a'-. simple resolution declaring the Hays electorsthe legally appointed electoralMr. EDMUNDS thereupon withdrew hisproposition, and Mr. Garfield offered thefollowing:the decision.Jtttotrri, That the four persons, to-wlt, Frederick O. Humphreys, Charles M.I'earce, William,11. llolden and Thomas W. Lang wars duly appointed electors oi President and Vloe-Presidentlor the State of Florida, and that the votes cutty the aforesaid four members are the votes proTided for by the Constitution of the United States.The resolution was adopted by the samevote by which Mr. Huxstox's was rejected,viz:YEAS Judges Bradlet, Miller andSTROfca, Senators Kduunds, FuxusonuTen and Morton, and Ileprcsentatlree Gabvjilp and Hoar 8.NAYS Judges CurrORD and Field, Sen.ators Bayard and Tiiuruan, and Representatives Addott.Hunton tndVATNE.Mr. GARFIELD offered a resolution whichwss adopted, that Messrs. Edmunds, Millerand Bradlet be appointed a Committee toJ raw up the decisionO TOEBCBMITTED TO Tilt JOINT CONVEX-TIONof the two nouses, which was adopted, andthe Commission took aaotber recess, abovereferred to, for an hour to allow the Committee to prepare their report.After reassembling tne decision was agreedto by the eight actio? In the majority, and directed to be sent to Vice President Ferrt asthe presiding officer of the Joint Convention,sud notices were prepared to be sent to thetwo Houses, respectfully notifying them thatthe Commission had come to a decision,which notice will be sent t3 them on theirreassembling at ten a. m. to-dsy,Throusrhout the day the Interest In the actionof the Commission by thoseABOUT T1TK CAPITOL"was very intense, and every man was askingevery other man for the latest news from thatsource, and partlzan hope or fears rose andfell with the changing rumors. The- faces ofthe members of the tribunal occasionally madet their appearance, and at the first recess, an111 omen as drawn from the tired and excitedappearance of Mr. Garfield, bdt which wassubsequently explained by a report of a fierceencounter In debate that be had passedthrough with some of the Democratic members. When the final result was announced,however, the crowd bad dwindled down toperhaps a dozen who had been prepared by3tbe repeated rumors for the announcement,f'fcut who, nevertheless, felt relieved when theVreanlt was officially and unreservedly aril uounced by the members of the Commission.. T I- rnt.,l th.t Id. KAiitidna nf th vnt.will progress to-day as far as Louisiana, andthat State will be sent to the Commission, reopening the field of labor for the lawyers andCommission. It Is, however, conceded thatJn losing Florida the Democrats have losttheir best case, aud thatlt will be like fightingagainst fate through the rest of the struggle.Many Democrats last ntjtht conceded theelection of Hayes aa practically decided, andexpressed their willingness to abide by thedecision. There are others who are furious atthe result, and go so far as to denounce JudgeDavis for placing himself In a position tomaVe his selection as the fifth Judge Im-racttcable,clalmlng that had ho been selectede would have gone with the Democrats onall matters of dispute. There were hints Hitnlebt from this time out the Democrats In thellouie would attempt to present a speedycompletion of the count by throwing everypossible obstacle In the way As the resultof sued a course would be In the end disastrous to the party and show a want of filthIn carrying out the decisions of a trlbunslcreated mainly by Democratic votes, It Is notprobable that any such expedients will bosTaorted to.1jro units for the Ueclelou of the Tribunal."The follow Ins! are the irrounds uoon whichtbn arbitrators based their decision tFirst. That the Tribunal had no authority toentertain ei Hence outiUe of the eertlflcate ofthe OoToroor as matuled upon the determinationtfthe DoardoiUanratsers of the State.fiicowD, That the action ef a State tyts1.mlatare or Court, taken after tha aleeton Dalert their vtei,conit be comldered as do e -mining who was appointed olecton.Tman. The evidence presented dTnian, The evidence presented does not showthat Humphrey was a. united Ntatei Shippingcommie (loner on thi seventh of Njt ember,TOE OTHER SIDE OF THE QUESTION.How the HMit Louisiana Committee areAcquainted "With the Character and lUpat lit Ion of their lllggeet Wltneaftes Maddox Not to be Believed Cndcr Oath.The Committee on the rower, Privilegesand Duties of the nouee, Jn counting theelectoral vote thlsmorlng, exsmtnedK. M.Daggett, an elector from Nevada, euppoeedto be Ineligible on account of having held theeffleo of Clerk to the District and CircuitCourts of the State.lletletrd that he held ttie office prior tft the election, but r-ted to perform Ihe dulltanf tbeeamoon Uny, euithe resigned by telegram to Judgelawyer, tb Circuit Judge, who wuii tiao Frnrttco. end sent ano(hr telegram to Jndgelllllyer,the Ulstrl t Judge, at Cir.iOltri he rrtelvvdlelfgnpliio reply fiom Juitir Sawyer, on the limadT. arreptleir, I lie ref I nation. He flll a writtenT'lnallon at Canon, nulilofra It on theeth oflSuvtmbrrt ntas uTtr rccclTetl an nntwer fromJudscrilUjrr.The Com mil tee continued the Investigationof the Louisiana election Imbroglio, thismorning, and called to the standCn AH. CAVA N AC,of New Orleans, Administrator of Commercefor that city, who stated that he was one oftoe counsel for the Democratic party beforethe Returning Board ; knows Key, who wascounsel for the Republicans and attended assuch.noUted that Brcwttcr. one if thf RrpubltranLUCtoia, laiirTtrtintralf the United ttialetLand Ofnre for Loul.Unai and that A U. Levlaa. anothtr ononfthe alrciora, U Unltc4 HUtti( onus 11 oner. Ler !.- acted aa Uommlolatif r aalatoaa Wot ember Mint knowa firewater W bareectril aa late an Nnvcnber 1( th.XyAIr, llnrrhardt Una heard that Voth nrwter and Letliaee hao rctlgneil tlivlr roipectheoITcra.lly llr. rieldi Very few ffUa?ln before theJlvuritwire alfrnrd wiunut croia-marki; but twooutof twenty had erllnal ilgnaluieai there waahutonerMrUn In the State In which the itrofitanil aflattkvlt. atcnmnatilil tlin iwlnrni In n iir.l.lilaw. and that w1n the pariah of UonIbe llemocrata applied t tha Hoard toicanrronibe Board, on hoveinbcr lath.and tne neat oay tne uoara uvciueu. ana uorernorMelU anoonnccd. that they would nut accede tothe rcqutttAfter tome further questioning ss to thereceipt of certain returns, etc , the committeetook a recess. After the recessCATT.C. IHVIH DITTT,of Baltimore wss examined by Mr. Lawreneowith reference to the character ol J. II. Maddox. and stated that the letter's renutatlon asto truth and veracity among the citizens ofuaiumore is not goou, ana witnessOCLD NOT BELIEVE niU ON OATH.M addox'e rrpntatlon for honesty la not rrry roltlihtr. Air. Lnwrcnceoflercd U prove that Uaddox oQetrd to ruroltb aCobfederata rjrtmmt withcloihlDK from the Worth t that he aollcited contrl-uauvui oi ngoTj nu leuaccu. iMKiirTcriDrDiaatfacuiiuk i nil iu. mat mwv'ii nConreirate (Jot ere men t with aunplka,the eiotlilDf t ami alo, that Maodox nirnUhed theviiiinnrai. uuTrruinrui wikn uiiiiiii.p.y. What do ynu know about iladdox'scOQntcHon with tha Cunfedi rata ser1rePThe wtinetl atatcd that he had no peraottal knowledge of the facta ntiovo ennnclatd. and that theonly ptraoue who could Klveproiwr teatltunny uponthcat! polnta were tiencral Bradley T. Jobnwn andhie Adjutant Utueral, llooih. The frtneral rumorwaatbat M add ox did not lurolibtha elothlnjt behad a freed to tnmtih. VTItaeaa aaw ltladdox InNewUrieant In lait MOTnobcr, attho 8t. ' harlcahotel. Maddox told wltoeia that he waa In NewOrlrane oatemlbly aa trTcne airent. but that Inreality be waa a confidential acent of the l'realdentof tb United Matt that ho had a report nearlywritten which he would abow wltncaa next dayithat bo waa acqualatLd with tha people In MewOr lea hi, wboauppottS hlmtobealJauioirati thaihe had rrcelTcd very valuable Information, whichwould v of Rrcat aerrlcc to the renimtttnt of whichwltncaa waa a member and rrqueated an Introduction to llr. ttarileld or Henator Uhcrmant wltneaeluentloned the matter toMenatorBtaermau, whoaaldthat Maddox waa probably not Iruatworthyt wltncaa wtnt to hew Ualrana, at the requiit of thel'rraldent orthe United biatea, to wltoeaa the countof ihr voti by the Keturnlnx Hoard.By Air. Field t Ilea not circulated Injur Ion reporie about Alaodoxt haa atatbd facta, and can'thelp If tlieao facta are lnjurloae to Uaddoxi haawrltleu an ariU tela tho JiaUim'trt Jmerteamor acoluintilu lepgth. coaccrolDjc Macdox; baa becuADKMOCUAT ALL HIS Lira.butTOfedforllajeaaud A heeler at tho lait election: whiiria waa lu tne Coufcdcrato army.Thewltneaa related hie artlcm" at the time theftderal tivona iiasicd lhrvu(li baltluiore. on Aprltltfth.THAT HEW O RLE AX 8 DAXCE.lly llr Hii&rktt While uttncta wai In XiwOrleana be attended a quadroon bait auddanced there; be told bl wtro about It anda number of otfatr laulca and ccntleinen tjlon. Lyman Trumbull waa there alao, anddaiivvdwlihlhe Rlrlit Mr. Sherman aod Mr. UarStld were notthere. but a number of gvntciuen ofboth vliltlDft cotmnlttcea were.Oultr an excited aliereation of the company a roteat tPla jKjtnt bctitcen the tnembcraof thecommllleeand ibiiwltuefr. Mr, bparka batlnf ald that bobelieved J ii1 ye Trumbull would dealgnaifl the wit.natatory uaturr.aod Captain DlVty reply lux withome alum of auxer that If the Chairman meant WIntlnuato that hla (wlineaa') atatoment wit untrue.le (the Chairmen ) auiiuied ionietblng which he hailnorlthttoaumi'. Uciitaten that ail partlea writto tha ball aa a matter of ctirloaltr aud mantlwnatlaa our of tho IXaturea of thu ball, a woman withpink eyei.Ibe latter part of the witness' testimonycaused considerable hturlty.The next wltoiaa waa11)11 K M. SHOIMAXXlt,relilrntuiat)MxerortliAUa)ui Exprt-aa Company lukaltlmorc, wboaUoatttd that beknewa Ataddoxhyklrbtaml reputatlut that the lattcr'enputatlonfor truth and viraclty la bjd, and that wltoeiawould not bcllero blut nnder oath Tha wltneaaatateil tbat the transact lonaof Maddox. upon whichtbla opinion waa occur rid about acren rearnoEnoch Fratt and J. S. Morris, bank presidents, and Thos. K.ltlcb, "financier," from.Baltimore, also gavo testimony relative toMaddox's character, which, though not asposlthe eathat lvcn by the flrattwo wlucesses, had a like tendency.EX-liOlROlt MTaADNS.of riorlda. waa called to the itand. and replied tdqveatloue by Judjre Lawrence mat be never rectUedorbentany telexramaayliift that we (meanIds tho UtpuirllcanDmutt havaL.oullaaa, Florida,Boutb Carollaa by fair mean vr fault never received a telet am iroui anj body ouUlde of the Staterrq netting t hem to aeud carrier for the returnshicltmuat be made to ahow a majority for llayci.Without concluding theeiamloatlon of Gov.Stearns, the committee at fi:ip.m.t adjourneduntil to morrow morning at 11 o'clock.AM 9AM! DE FAULTING CAflUIEK.lie Is roniid Lylns; Senaaleee on tha Floor,ttml the Slotfey Uone,(By Ttltsrapli to the Nation il Bepubllcau.iNDUNAroLis, Feb. f. At Franklin, Iudlana, this morn In jr, It. T. Taylor, the dsfaultlageashler of the First National Dank or that place,was found In the baelc room of Dr. Pain's ofBeeIn an unooaselous and apparently dying condition. He hss been removed to his own rstulenoe.Ihe doctors declarsd that he Is Insane. Ills conditlon Is at least very critical, as be Is subject toto heart disease, lie has no money with him, batsayi lils travelling bag, which wns suppoied toeuntaln uioney taken from the bank, was leftlaacabooat ear. It Is thought that he arriveddaring last night In a freight tr la. llaaayshehas been a bunt ilz yeare. At one o'clock thisafternoon Taylor again became unooniclous.The belief In ranklin is that the loss to thebank will reach $176,000. 1 he general ledger andother books ol Importance are still missing.Till: TKLEOItAPU 1UVALHV.The Atlantlo l'aaine Couipntty Ilea trnl noilIs rum Krectlnfi m Lino Along the O, ft 31.ltoad." By Tclvxrsph to the National llcpubltcsn,Indianatolis, Feb. 0. Judfo Drummood, In bis dec) i Ion In the United States Courtyesterday, continuing the Injunction heretoforegranted In the matter of the Western UnionTelegraph Company va. Atlantte X PaelfloTelegraph Company, restraining the latter com.psay lioni erecting a line or telegraph along theOhio & Mississippi railway, alao said If the Atlantlofc Paelflo Company could make a ease ofnecsKliy be would heir an application for leaveto proceed In the tSlate Court alter notice to theWcitern Uoion Company, but In tha earlier partofhls opinion lie strongly Intimated that therecould hardly be such a necessity.Army Medical Officers,liy the direction of (he Secretary of Wartho following alignments and change ol station,and dutyof oRlcers or the medical department aremade: Surgeon J i Jtandolph ordered to report to th


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