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Black Stone Cherry Rock N Roll Tape Rar

I nominate Jeff Lynne as a solo artist to the rock and roll hall of fame. Yes he has been recognized for his work with ELO but he has many contributions as a producer, performer, songwriter, and musician apart from the original ELO band. Please recognize his true genius and never ending talent he provides to this industry. He is awe inspiring with his constant work and dedication he has given to his fans for over fifty years. Please recognize this comment and induct this incredibly gifted man as a solo performer. Thank you!

black stone cherry rock n roll tape rar

Labelle should have been inducted already cause all girl groups after them tried to emulate their sound and their vocals and stage presence and their costumes they are legendary and now when they're inducted our dear nightbird Sarah Dash won't be able to receive her award so let's induct them into the rock and roll hall of fame while the remaining members are still here just saying Labelle is simply the best girl groups in the business

When do we see Golden Earring, Fog Hat, Spooky Tooth, Nazareth, Foreigner, Slade, Quiet Riot, and Twisted Sister on the list of inductees? There are many of countless artists that have been snubbed for years. They are just waiting to get their opportunity. Also drummer Eric Carr, guitarist Steve Stevens, and Steven Via should also be inducted for their style and revolutionized or helped shaped rock and roll of the 80's music and the generation after.

Hello,I recently became a fan of the induction ceremony. Quite frankly, I had previously watched clips/ hilites but never made time to watch the entire ceremony until this year. I am sure glad I did as I really enjoyed it as much as I enjoy music and specially rock n roll. Having said that I would like to express that Tom Jones, Morrissey and Berlin should be nominated. I know that The Smiths were previously nominated but I also feel that MORRISSEY should be nominated a solo artist as well. Thank you for honoring rock n roll and for keeping music alive.

Not sure why you would Highlight Missy Elliot and Queens of the Stone Age when the biggest act of that genre was CREED. Yes Scott Stapp ruined his repuation and caused the collapse of the band later on. But he has redeemed himself and Mark Tremonti has become one of the biggest influences in rock guitar today. They are no different than any other great R&RoF bands before them. But they have still out sold most of the bands of that era who have stayed together. Queens of the Stone Age were a good band, but never had the following of Sevendust, Limp Biskit, Smashmouth, or Third Eye Blind. They were an ok indy band for pathetic critics to enjoy while snubbing their noses at the top Rock Bands of the time.But in no way were they influential to the music scene of their time. The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame needs to stop letting head up their ass critics controlling who gets in to the Hall of Fame and who doesn't. There is a list a 100 miles long of bands that are being snubbed because of the moronic critics who snub their noses at them. Styx, Foreigner, Alice in Chains, Pantera, Iron Maiden, Devo, Motohead, Rage Against the Machine, Bad Company, Doobie Brothers, Jane's Addiction, Smashing Pumpkins (original line-up), Soundgarden, and so many others it's almost criminal.

A music-obsessed, retired San Francisco lawyer, and author of the rock & roll memoir Jittery White Guy Music (available on Amazon)... picking a random album or song in his collection every day or so and sharing a few thoughts.

Born from the murky industrial depths of Birmingham, UK, Margarita Witch Cult's self-titled debut studio album is a tour-de-force in classic metal, hard rock, doom, and mind-melting psych. A thunderous drum fill propels you into opener 'Diabolical Influence'- a lurching behemoth of a tune that makes easy bedfellows of crushing stoner riffs, Latin incantations, and a simply humongous chorus. The pace quickens with the frantic 'Death Lurks at Every Turn'- a hair-raising thrasher of breakneck snare rolls and unruly guitar solos. 'The Witchfinder Comes' only furthers the sense of foreboding, as tales of torture and pleas for exile fall on the ever-deafening ears of the listener. 'Be My Witch' comes in hot and heavy as a grungy ode to the forbidden, and the blistering 'Annihilation' concludes side A with speed-freak ferocity. The more adventurous and immersive side B is kick-started with 'Theme From Cyclops' - the deft chops of all 3 members being undeniable as we gallop into the ambitious, face-melting journey that is 'Lord Of The Flies'-a belting doom groover that culminates in a classic guitar & bass dual to rival even the most virtuosic of axe-wielders. As we near the end of our perilous sonic expedition, 'Aradia' serves up an instrumental serving of pure downtuned filth, with sleazy swagger and tasteful shredding that give extra provenance to its author's deep bag of tricks. The killer blow comes in the shape of the simply savage 'Sacrifice'- an unholy exhibition of undeniable force. The duality of the track makes for an experience that leaves our sweet listener reeling- the bludgeoning weight of its monstrous main-riff giving way to razor-sharp verses and a tripped-out, mind-bending psych jam- only to come crashing back to crushing reality as the final, fatal notes ring out. With their debut LP, Margarita Witch Cult have crafted a timeless, merciless beast- one that will chew you up and spit you out, yet somehow keep you crawling back for more.

Heavy Psych Sounds Records & Booking is really proud to announce 4 NEW ALBUMS: The Duel live performance at the mighy HELLFEST. The Lords Of Altamont brand new rock'n'roll live madness The Atomic Bitchwax killer set at the Freak Valley Fest 2022 The Ecstatic Vision live performance at the legendary DUNAJAM

HEY is the third ISAAK album. HEY puts a point, a point that doesn't look back but looks inside. HEY talks about our most intimate fears and tries to do it with the irony. HEY is a riffalicious fast-forward stoner rock album. HEY is a manifesto on being fragile and making that fragility a strength.

Arch Stanton is the sixth studio album released by the instrumental stoner rock band Karma to Burn, released in 2014. Unlike their previous release V, this album returns to their exclusively instrumental roots, although the final track features dialogue snippets from the classic Spaghetti Western The Good, the Bad and the Ugly, from which the album title is derived. Now in 2023 Heavy Psych Sounds is reissuing this music gem in brand new coloured vinyls!!!

Repress with new cover color 'Keep Your Cool' is the third solo album by the Kyuss- and Fu Manchu-legend, originally released back in 2003 with Duna Records. Full of the soul and funky laid-back grooves BRANT BJORK is known and loved for, tongue-in-cheek lyrics and sweet guitar licks oozing from the great 70's era vibes, 'Keep YourCool' is still considered as one of BRANT BJORK's accessible and catchiest records to date. Tracks such as 'Hey, Monkey Boy', 'Johnny Called' or 'Gonna Make The Scene' became classics in the stoner rock scene, taken from an album that belongs to every well-sorted BRANT BJORK record collection.

We were tired of instrumental music, and completely burned out after touring 300 + shows a year in our previous band (the Bomboras). We needed a change, we needed rock n roll...fuzz guitar and leather. We were out for blood...big boots, bikes, and WILD ANGELS!Recorded 100% analog and mastered to tape. Garage punk in its purity. Take all your biker movie soundtracks and throw em away, replace it with the soundtrack to your life...TO HELL WITH THE LORDS !!

Censored by a controlling under powered label we have finally released the album as it was intended. Altamont was no joke, it changed the world, it changed rock n roll forever. We covered at least one song every band that participated in Altamont...minus The Grateful Dead, who went home scared. Every song has a lords twist that is like a solid punch between the eyes. This was one of the hardest and funniest albums to record. It was great seeing all the past members come together for a session. Burrito Bros, Jefferson Airplane, Rolling Stones, Santana, Crosby Stills Nash and did we do it???? Dec 6th 1969 forever changed. 17 former Lords recorded this album in Los Angeles at the Glory Hole wih Nic Jodoin Gabe Hammond, John Tyree, Max Eisdon, Johnny DeVilla, Spencer Robinson, Wic Coleman, Dave James, Harry Drumdini, Kevin Starr, Harlen Spector, Warren Eaton, Christian Martucci, Nic Jodoin, Jake Cavaliere, Shawn Medina, Lights Out Levine, John Saletra.

Appalachian Incantation is the fourth studio album released by the stoner rock band Karma to Burn. Succeeding 2001's Almost Heathen, Appalachian Incantation was the band's first studio release after a seven-year hiatus that lasted from 2001 to 2009. Now in 2022 Heavy Psych Sounds is reissuing this music gem in brand new coloured vinyls !!! Appalachian Incantation is an album that brings KARMA TO BURN back in the frontline. Groovy, nice ideas and great songs is an album worth buying. Now run and go get it !! (

Heavy Psych Sounds is proud to repress the Karma To Burn 2013 self-titled EP in brand new coloured vinyls. You just can't miss this gem!!! Karma to Burn, sometimes known as K2B, was a desert rock/stoner rock band from Morgantown, West Virginia comprising guitarist William Mecum, bassist Rich Mullins, and drummer Evan Devine. The band was noted for their uncompromising, mostly instrumental sound.

The Lou Reed papers date from 1958 to 2015, and follow Reed's music career from the formation of the Velvet Underground, through his five-decade long career as a solo rock and roll musician. The collection is arranged into eight Series, which includes audio and video recordings; office files from Reed's company Sister Ray Enterprises; documentation of tours and live performances; photographs of and by Reed; art and design files; press clippings; and personal files. The collection documents Reed's musical, visual, and written output, while providing insight into the business and administrative operations necessary to manage and sustain his recording and performance career. 350c69d7ab


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