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Download Discografia Jorge Palma: A Journey Through the Music of a Portuguese Legend

Download Discografia Jorge Palma: A Journey Through the Music of a Portuguese Legend

Jorge Palma is one of the most acclaimed and influential singer-songwriters in Portugal. With a career spanning over five decades, he has released 18 studio albums, several live albums and compilations, and countless singles that have marked the history of Portuguese music. His songs, such as "Deixa-me Rir", "FrÃgil" and "Encosta-te a Mim", have become classics that transcend generations and genres.

If you want to discover or revisit the music of this Portuguese legend, you can download his discography from various online platforms. Here are some of the highlights of his discography that you should not miss:

Download Discografia Jorge Palma

  • Com Uma Viagem na Palma da MÃo (1975): This was Palma's debut album, recorded and released after he returned from political exile in Denmark following the Carnation Revolution. The album features songs in Portuguese and English, influenced by folk, rock and progressive music.

  • Bairro do Amor (1989): This was Palma's breakthrough album, which established him as one of the leading figures of Portuguese rock. The album contains some of his most iconic songs, such as "Bairro do Amor", "Deixa-me Rir" and "FrÃgil". The album was produced by AntÃnio Pinheiro da Silva and featured guest appearances by Rui Veloso, Tim and Kalú from Xutos & PontapÃs, among others.

  • SÃ (2011): This was Palma's first solo piano album, recorded live at the SÃo Luiz Theatre in Lisbon. The album showcases Palma's talent as a pianist and a storyteller, revisiting some of his classic songs and introducing new ones. The album was a critical and commercial success, earning him several awards and nominations.

  • Expresso do Outono (2018): This was Palma's latest studio album, released after seven years of silence. The album features 10 new songs written by Palma, inspired by his personal experiences and reflections. The album was produced by JoÃo Pedro Ruela and features collaborations with Ana Moura, CarlÃo, Manuela Azevedo and HÃlder GonÃalves from ClÃ, among others.

To download discografia Jorge Palma, you can visit his official website, where you can find links to various streaming and digital platforms. You can also follow him on social media to stay updated on his news and upcoming concerts.

Jorge Palma is a Portuguese singer and songwriter who has been making music since 1972. He is one of the most respected and influential artists in Portugal, with a discography that spans over five decades and various genres. Download discografia Jorge Palma and enjoy the music of a legend.

Jorge Palma's discography is not only a reflection of his musical talent, but also of his personal and political views. Palma has been involved in various social and cultural movements, such as the anti-fascist resistance during the Estado Novo regime, the support for East Timor's independence, and the defense of human rights and environmental causes. His songs often express his criticism of injustice, oppression and hypocrisy, as well as his hope for a better world.

Jorge Palma has also been recognized for his artistic merit by various awards and honors. He has won several Golden Globes for Best Male Performer and Best Song, as well as the Josà Afonso Prize for Best Portuguese Album of 2001 with his self-titled album Jorge Palma. He has also been awarded the Order of Prince Henry by the President of Portugal in 2004, and the Medal of Cultural Merit by the City Council of Lisbon in 2010.

Jorge Palma is not only a singer and songwriter, but also a composer and an actor. He has composed music for several films and television series, such as AntÃnio, Um Rapaz de Lisboa (2002), O Crime... (2002) and FascÃnios (2007-2008). He has also acted in some films and plays, such as Refrigerantes e CanÃões de Amor (2016), where he played himself.

Download discografia Jorge Palma and discover the music of one of the most versatile and influential artists in Portugal. Jorge Palma is a legend who has inspired generations of musicians and fans with his songs, his voice and his piano. 0efd9a6b88


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