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MOZAYIQUE glass mosaic comes in all shapes and sizes

Mosaic is an art form with a long and glorious history. For thousands of years, people have enjoyed mosaic works in public areas such as libraries, museums, churches, hospitals, universities, walkways and airports - look around and you will find mosaics almost everywhere you look.


Whether you are a hobbyist or homeowner, artist or designer it is our goal to provide you with materials that inspire you, service that amazes you, and tools to turn your vision into a reality.


Axess Glass Products in Thomastown Victoria and Australian Stained Glass Supplies in Camperdown Sydney, specialize in mosaics and stained glass for windows, doors, back splashes for kitchens or bathrooms, public murals, schools, tabletops, church icons or windows.

Axess Glass Products Group


Axess Glass Products

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New South Wales

Australian Stained Glass Supplies

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Tudor Rose Glass Works

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