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 Products/Services for Artists/Hobbyist with a Passion for Glass

Axess Glass Products have distributors based in five Australian states, with a large range of Products/services. We have distributors that are highly experienced technicians and also have high calibre artists in their own right.

Axess Glass Products are proud to support artists and artisans who work in the glass medium. We therefore stock a range of over 600 glass colours,(custom designed) bespoke glass. Furthermore supply a broad range of  production products.

Axess Glass Products Australia are also the market leader in specialised glass. Due to a large-scale commercial and bespoke residential projects. For almost 30 years we have been at the forefront of innovation in glass design and production. Have also developed an innovative process of laminating coloured and textured glass that offers unprecedented design versatility, and meets Australian building codes. Technical Brilliance™ is extremely flexible as an architectural medium, giving you the opportunity to go far beyond standard laminated glass. See for more


Australian Stained Glass Supplies is an independent and experienced company dedicated to providing unique contemporary architectural and speciality glass. 

 With our human resources and modern technical equipment , our  commitment is to provide honesty, quality and the best commercial relationship based on enjoying our work and having passion for the world of glass.

In conjunction with our partners we are always researching, learning, developing, and giving new products and innovative solutions to the market.

Also, the ecology and sustainability of architecture is very important to us. At Australian Stained Glass Supplies we believe that protection of the environment and the battle against climate change is a matter for all. We are oriented towards the correct application of glazing products, thus actively contributing to the reduction of CO 2 emissions and obtaining luminous, fresh, and healthy buildings.

We therefore have a clear commitment to our society, by optimising our resources and processes and by following our principles.   Liam Neylon


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