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Can I visit your showroom?

You are most welcome to visit our showrooms in Thomastown in Melbourne and in Camperdown in Sydney.

Is everything in Stock?

We try our best to keep all items in stock, but if you need large quantities it is best to call us first.

Can I pay by debit/credit card?

Yes, we accept credit/debit cards and EFTPOS

How long does it take for me to get my shipment?

We try and ship within 48 hours (Mon-Fri) after payment is received. The length of time your order takes to varies according to your location. Subject to COVID-19 conditions.

Can I return unused materials?

Unfortunately we cannot accept unused products, except in cases where the error lies at our end. Please contact us firs to discuss any returns.

What can I mosaic on?

You can mosaic on almost anything. Ensure the surface is clean and solid enough to support the weight of mosaic.

What do I need to make a mosaic?

Buy or borrow a book in order to learn the basic techniques. Following an introductory course is always a good idea.

Why are some colors more expensive than others?

The materials used in the manufacturing process vary in cost. Red, Orange and Yellow use Cadmium, a very expensive mineral. Pink uses 24 karat gold as a stabilizing agent and is therefore the most expensive color to manufacture.

Can I mix glass and ceramic tiles?

As long as the colors look right, you can mix any materials, except that you need to make sure they are close to being the same thickness. You don’t have to worry about thickness if you are pressing them into wet concrete of course. On the other hand, a difference in thickness might add interest to a fine art mosaic not used as a surface.

Can I use stone and glass mosaic tile together?

The two materials usually have different thickness. If you are pushing the tiles into concrete or mortar, then it doesn’t matter. If you are gluing to a surface, the difference in heights will be visible. This makes grouting a little more difficult.

How can I avoid ordering the wrong color tile?

We carry sample sets (see our free sample request section) and we can put together sample sets for you.



How do I cut glass and glass mosaic tile?

You need a mosaic glass cutter that has two blades shaped like wheels. A regular tile nipper tends to crush most glass but can be used with certain types of vitreous glass mosaic tile.See our Shop on line for our recommendation.

Legal Disclaimer and Copyright Information

No warranty is implied by these instructions. Use at your own risk. Please wear goggles when cutting mosaic materials or mixing grout. Mosaic materials are often sharp. Keep out of reach of children. Do not overload patio tables with mosaic materials so that the table becomes unstable (top heavy). You should also make sure that the table frame can support the overall weight..

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