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Perfect for easy cuts for Vitreous Stained glass and Smalti up to 8mm thickness

SeaBell Wheeled Glass Nipper

  • The ultimate tool for all mosaic artists

    For Ceramic, Porcelain, Mosaic and Glass

    Lightweight and easy to use and handle

    Replaceable 16mm Tungsten Carbide blades, straight and curved.

    Light Weight and Durable aluminium Alloy Body

  • Introducing the SeaBell Wheeled Glass Nipper - your new go-to tool for all your glass cutting needs! This premium quality nipper is designed with safety in mind, featuring new rubber rings to prevent glass from flying out during cutting. Its lightweight and durable aluminum alloy body makes it easy to handle, while the 22mm titanium coated tungsten carbide cutting wheels with numbers ensure accurate cuts every time. The 3 positions tile thickness lock lever, adjustable depth guide, and free routable cutting wheels allow for versatile use on various glass thicknesses. Plus, with a power spring and comfortable grip, this nipper is both powerful and comfortable to use. An Allen key is included for easy maintenance. Get the SeaBell Wheeled Glass Nipper today and take your glass crafting to the next level

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